CONTEXT: Jinggoy Estrada 'filed 600 bills' in Senate

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Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 01:27
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Former senator and 2019 senatorial candidate Jinggoy Estrada slammed opposition senators during a campaign rally by saying he filed hundreds of bills during his time at the Senate.

In response to criticisms casting doubts on the ability of actors like him to serve in the Senate, Estrada said he has "filed 600 bills" during his term. He then took a shot at opposition senators, wondering how many Senate bills they have filed.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on February 18 that Estrada made the remark during a campaign sortie that day with the administration-allied Hugpong ng Pagbabago slate in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.

Estrada has indeed filed or co-authored 633 bills in the 16th Congress (2013-2016) alone, but only a few of these bills have been signed into law. Among them, 527 bills or 83% remained pending at the Senate committee level, while the rest remained at different stages of the legislative process.

Historically, Estrada has been prolific in filing or co-authoring many bills, but many of them have stayed at the committee level. The Senate website also shows that some of Estrada's bills were refiled during his term from the 13th Congress to the 16th Congress, with varying results in the legislative process.

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