FALSE: CNN's Anderson Cooper called Mar, Korina 'corrupt couple'

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Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 01:27
Rehashed false claim saying Anderson Cooper called Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez 'corrupt'

A 2016 meme claiming CNN journalist Anderson Cooper supposedly called 2019 senatorial candidate Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez a “corrupt couple” is being circulated again on Facebook.

“When I heard that this corrupt couple are running for office, May God help the Philippines,” the statement against the two read. Facebook user Nelda Medrano reshared the meme in a recent viral post.

This is false. Anderson Cooper himself denied on Twitter calling the couple "corrupt." Various news organizations had also done a fact check on the malicious meme in 2016.

This is a rehashed claim, in light of Roxas' candidacy in the 2019 senatorial elections.

Read the full fact-check article on Rappler.com.


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