False tweet claims Poe ‘never’ mulled emergency powers

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Monday, May 13, 2019 - 13:02
Grace Poe on emergency powers

A Twitter post claiming senatorial candidate Grace Poe never considered emergency powers requested by President Rodrigo Duterte is false.

Contrary to the tweet, Poe in 2016 co-authored of Senate Bill 1284, an act allowing the president to use emergency powers to fix transportation and congestion crisis. The bill is still on the second reading in the Senate.

A version of this bill was passed by the House of Representatives, HB 6425, which grants emergency powers to the Department of Transportation chief in place of the president, effective for three years.

In a tweet on March 12, 2019, Twitter account @Dutertenomics falsely claimed:

A reliable source within the Senate said that Grace Poe never budged an inch to consider the emergency powers requested by Pres Duterte. She literally sat on it despite the public clamor. What does that tell you about this Trapo!

The tweet contains a link to an article from the website DU30 News Aggregator; the article was credited to Philippine Star, which published the report earlier same day.

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