Gadon misleads; bets don’t pay to be part of surveys

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Larry Gadon during the San Beda forum


‘Yang survey firms na yan, binabayaran yan (Those survey firms are paid). Do you know to be enrolled, you have to pay 1 million, in each time they survey?

   — Larry Gadon, San Beda University senatorial forum, March 12, 2019.

Senate hopeful Larry Gadon’s claim that candidates in the May elections need to pay survey firms P1 million each time to be “enrolled” is misleading.

Pulse Asia and the Social Weather Stations (SWS), which run pre-election surveys, said Gadon’s claim made March 12 at a San Beda University forum is baseless.

Ana Maria Tabunda, Pulse Asia research director, said in an e-mail:

If he (Gadon) means a candidate needs to pay Pulse Asia P1 million, or any amount for that matter, so that we will include his/her name in our list of candidates in our pre-electoral surveys conducted before or after the deadline for filing of  candidacy, the answer is no.

We do not charge anyone any amount so that her/his name will be included. The reason for this is we want to share the results on electoral preference with the public. Charging anyone would allow that person to embargo the results.

Pulse Asia consults various groups when drawing up its list in surveys conducted before the deadline for filing of candidacy to determine who are likely to run, she said.

Leo Laroza, director for communication and information technology, in a phone interview said the SWS waits for the official list of candidates from the Commission on Elections before conducting surveys, which may be commissioned or funded by research sponsors:

In an absence of a final list of candidates (from Comelec), we cannot come up with our own list since we are a nonpartisan, self-sustained organization. SWS will not make the list for you (the survey sponsor).

Business World is an example of an SWS survey sponsor in the 2016 presidential election, Laroza said. The daily chose to publish some survey results, but other sponsors may opt to keep private results of commissioned surveys, he said.

Costs vary because surveys are customized, Laroza said:

It depends on a lot of factors… We have to consider the sample size, how long the questionnaires will be, how soon you need the results, and also data processing.

Gadon had earlier lambasted SWS and Pulse Asia, calling them “dilawan” -- a euphemism for Liberal Party allies -- and claiming they release “flawed and fake” results.


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