Larry Gadon claims Marcoses have no ill-gotten wealth

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Jeline Malasig
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Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 01:27
Larry Gadon claim Marcos no ill-gotten wealth

Larry Gadon, who describes himself as a “true-blooded Marcos loyalist,” provided incorrect answers during his “Fast Talk” segment with Karen Davila in ABS-CBN’s Senatorial Town Hall Debate for the 2019 midterm elections.

Davila asked Gadon if he believes the Marcoses have ill-gotten wealth, to which the lawyer replied that he does not think so.

“Hindi. Kasi ‘yung ginawa ng PCGG (Presidential Commission on Good Government), marami silang mga tinatawag natin na alleged cronies… kaya kinumpiska nila ‘yung pera, ‘di lahat ‘yun sa Marcoses,” Gadon answered.

“In fact, marami nang naisuli sa mga Marcoses kagaya ng mga bahay nila, ‘yung Sto. Niño Shrine, ‘yung mga paintings, ‘yung ibang kagamitan,” he continued.

According to PCGG, the quasi-judicial agency created by Former President Cory Aquino in 1986 tasked to recover the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth, the family has accumulated $5-10 billion throughout their nearly twenty-year rule.

“Some of the said ill-gotten wealth was successfully concealed and transferred from various foreign banks including those in Switzerland,” their report said.

On November 2018, Sandiganbayan charged former first lady Imelda Marcos guilty of seven counts of graft in relation to the Swiss bank accounts.

While Gadon claimed that some of the ill-gotten wealth retrieved by the PGCC were from Ferdinand Marcos’ cronies, the latter were considered associates of the late dictator who was the one responsible for awarding them with government commissions, projects, funds and high positions in his administration.


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