MISLEADING: 'Cheating' during start of overseas voting in UK, Italy

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Monday, May 6, 2019 - 11:16
Screenshots of the videos that do not actually show cheating done by Commission on Elections officers in the United Kingdom and Italy.

Cheating allegedly took place on the first day of overseas absentee voting in the United Kingdom and Italy.

On Wednesday, April 15, two days after the start of overseas absentee voting, the Youtube channel Duterte Angels posted a video titled “VIRAL: UNANG ARAW NG ELEKSYON SA MGA OFW (OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS) NAGKADAYAAN AGAD (VIRAL: CHEATING ON FIRST DAY OF OFW VOTING).” The video has since been deleted but had over 20,000 views before it was taken down.

A similar video cropped up with a title claiming that there has been cheating in Italy. A video titled "DAYAAN SA ITALY NABISTO NG MGA OFW NALOKO NA! (Cheating discovered in overseas voting in Italy)" was posted by Youtube channel Junriel Llander on Monday, April 15, airing the same concerns and calling for the system of voting to be changed. It has over 68,000 views as of posting.

The titles of these videos are misleading. The videos are of OFWs airing their concerns about the system of overseas voting.

While the concerns regarding the overseas absentee voting process raised seemed legitimate, the videos showed no direct evidence of cheating done by Commission on Elections (Comelec) officials at the Philippine embassy in the United Kingdom or in Italy, contrary to what the videos' titles claim.

Rather they showed OFWs sharing their concerns and criticisms about Comelec’s system.

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