Old Roxas viral photo manipulated post-election

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Fake Mar Roxas photo



Facebook page Crabbler a day after the midterm elections posted an altered photo showing a woman offering Senate hopeful Mar Roxas a rope tied into a noose.

The photo first went viral in the runup to the 2016 presidential elections, where Roxas finished second. In the April 2016 photo, the woman was not holding a rope or noose; posts then implied Roxas was saddened by the supposed meager number of supporters who attended his campaign rally in Hong Kong.

A GMA News Online report quotes Marites Palma, who said she was the woman in the photo, debunking the claim:

Maling mali naman po ang caption ng kuhang larawang ito. Matama pong nakikinig sa aking hinaing si Mar Roxas tungkol sa aking karanasan noong inuwi ko ang aking pinsan, na may malubhang sakit dito sa Hong Kong (This photo’s caption is very wrong. Mar Roxas was intently listening to my complaint about my experience when I brought my severely ill cousin home).

Roxas finished outside the winning 12 Senate slots with 9.8 million votes.

Crabbler appears to be a satire page imitating tsek.ph partner Rappler, using a similar logo. It also has a news blog. Both platforms do not contain disclaimers on the truthfulness of their content.

The photo had 2,329 interactions on Crabbler and Pinoy Monkey Pride, another Facebook page.


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