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Screengrab from Democratic Warriors Facebook group


A controversial statement about Filipino nurses made by reelectionist Sen. Cynthia Villar in 2013 has resurfaced online.

On Feb. 8, a Facebook user posted in the public group Democratic WARRIORS an infographic of then candidate Villar which featured the text of her February 2013 statement on why she thinks nurses need not earn a degree. This was juxtaposed with another image, a March 2013 reaction from a nurse named Alvin Dakis with a superimposed text, “NILAIT ANG FILIPINO NURSE (Filipino nurses were insulted).”

A reverse image search traces the original infographic with no superimposed text to Dakis’ 2013 blog post. He said then, that he also only saw the image on the internet. 

The post is misleading. It did not indicate the date Villar and Dakis’s statements were made—making the issue seem like new.

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