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Salvador Panelo speaking

Contrary to Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s claim, Mocha Uson’s losing party-list AA-Kasosyo is not a “new party-list.”


AA-Kasosyo, whose first nominee is former Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, did not win any seat in Congress.

The group, representing entrepreneurship, “especially for overseas Filipino workers,” ranked 72nd out of 134 party-lists with 126,834 votes or only 0.46% of total votes in the party-list race, based on 165 out of 167 certificates of canvass received.

A week prior to the Commission on Election’s (Comelec) proclamation of winning candidates, Panelo said he could not believe Uson’s party-list lost in the polls. The presidential spokesperson suspects Uson may have been “overconfident, considering she has five million followers on Facebook.”

He then added:

Ano bang party-list niya in the first place?...That’s another thing nga pala…If it’s a new party-list, talagang mahirap (What is her party-list in the first place?..That’s also another thing...if it’s a new partylist, it is really hard.)

 Source:, “Panelo surprised Mocha Uson’s partylist lost in 2019 midterm polls.” May 16, 2019, watch from 1:04 to 1:23


AA-Kasosyo first ran and lost in the 2007 elections. The group won one seat in 2010, filled by former Representative Solaiman Pangandaman.

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