Post on Roxas’ promise to end contractualization misleads

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A Facebook user misleads by posting on Facebook group “REAL PHILIPPINE HISTORY” on election day a recycled meme on Senate bet Mar Roxas’ promise to end contractual labor.

It said:

“You spent 7 years in congress and 6 years in the senate. And now you promise to end contractual labor in just 3 months? Why haven't you done it during the 13 years of working as a law maker?”

Roxas did actually promise he would end contractual labor, but it was during his run for presidency in the 2016 elections. In a debate hosted by ABS-CBN in April 2016, Roxas said:

“Sa loob ng tatlong buwan matapos ang pagkaupo ko bilang pangulo, matatapos ang endo (Within three months after I sit as president, ‘endo’ will be ended).”

The post was originally posted on April 28, 2016 on meme page Martapobre as a reaction to this statement from Roxas.

The election-day post received over 190 reactions, 49 comments, and 30 shares.





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