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Screenshot of Roleda during the ABS-CBN debate


At kailangan natin patibayin din ang ating mga curriculum sa college dahil nagbago na tayo ng K to 12 pero luma pa rin ang ating mga curriculum sa college. Kailangan po nating tugunan yan (We need to strengthen college curriculum because we have already shifted to K to 12 but our college curriculum is still old. We need to address that).

— Dan Roleda, Harapan 2019: The ABS-CBN Senatorial Town Hall Debate, March 3, 2019

The general education (GE) program and curricula of various tertiary education programs were revised after the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, or the K to 12 program, was implemented, contrary to Senate bet Dan Roleda’s claim.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through Memorandum Order No. 20 in 2013 revised the general education curriculum, reducing it from 63 to 36 units.

The new GE curriculum, which took effect this schoolyear, consists of 24 units of core courses, nine units of elective courses and three units on the life and works of Jose Rizal, but initally excluded the study of Filipino, Panitikan and the Constitution.

In a media release, CHED said:

The changes in the GE curriculum were implemented to ensure that there would be no duplication of subjects in Grades 1 to 10, senior high school and college.

Following a temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court in 2015 preventing it from excluding Filipino and Panitikan in the GE curriculum, the CHED on April 11, 2018 issued Memorandum Order No. 4 deferring the inclusion of the elective courses in the GE program to accommodate nine units of Filipino and six units of literature for fields of study related to humanities, social sciences and communication and six units of Filipino and literature for other fields of study.

Literature subjects may be taught in Filipino, English or other languages, the order said.

On Oct. 9, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled the exclusion of Filipino and Panitikan legal. CHED, however, said it would await the final decision of the high tribunal following reports groups might appeal.

To date, some 76 college programs have revised their curricula to align them with the revised GE curriculum and the outcomes-based education pedagogy.

CHED Senior Education Program Specialist Mawi Gabrillo confirmed in a phone call that colleges and universities implemented the new GE curriculum this academic year 2018-2019, in time for the entry of the first batch of K to 12 graduates.


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