Tweet vs Hilbay accurately cites election law

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Screenshot of tweet vs Hilbay


A tweet implying Senate bet Pilo Hilbay violated the Omnibus Election Code accurately cited the law.

On March 14, Twitter user @lovegingerbean posted:

According to omnibus election code article XI section 97 (ang haba pakibasa na lang [it’s too long, just read])… Cinematographic, theatrical or other performances for the purpose of funding are prohibited. Correct me if i am wrong na part of cinematographic ang advance screening.

Attached to the tweet are screenshots of the mentioned provision and a Feb. 27 post on Hilbay’s official Instagram account promoting a March 9 film screening of Captain Marvel, “(a) fundraising project by Batch ‘91 of the UST-Education High School in support of Florin ‘Pilo’ Hilbay.”

The screenshot of the cited provision was retrieved from an unidentified website, but its content is a verbatim copy of the law.

Under Article 11, Section 97 of the Omnibus Election Code:

It shall be unlawful for any person to hold dances, lotteries, cockfights, games, boxing bouts, bingo, beauty contests, entertainments, or cinematographic, theatrical or other performances for the purpose of raising funds for an election campaign or for the support of any candidate from the commencement of the election period up to and including election day

   — Source: Omnibus Election Code, Dec. 3, 1985.

The verified Twitter account of Commission on Elections spokesperson James Jimenez also replied to @lovegingerbean’s tweet on March 14, saying:

You might not be wrong… Will certainly seek a legal opinion on it. #SumbongSaCOMELEC. Thanks.


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