Panelo’s solution to copy US model to stop vote-buying NEEDS CONTEXT

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Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s suggestion to copy the lead of the United States government in funding the campaign of political candidates to address vote buying lacks context.


In a press briefing May 14, a day after the midterm polls, Panelo was asked what policy he thinks the government should implement to avoid vote-buying in the next elections. He said:

"Ako ang iniisip ko, alam ninyo kung ano, para walang gastos ang mga kandidato (You know what I think, so that candidates would not incur expenses), the government should spend for the expenses of the candidates just like in America. Ang mga Amerikano galing sa gobyerno ang gastos nila eh, mga kandidato (In America the government spends for them, the candidates)." 

Source: PCOO, Press Briefing of Presidential Spokesperson and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo, May 14, 2019, watch from 12:01 to 12:18


While the U.S. government funds political campaigns, this is subject to certain conditions and is not mandatory. Government funding is not extended to all elective positions and varies from state to state.

In the federal level, only presidential candidates have access to public campaign funds; congressional candidates do not.

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