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Submitted by admin on Sun, 02/10/2019 - 13:53

Post link/s to webpage/s, online video/s, or social media post/s (if any) you wish to be fact-checked in the Links section. Note that will only process materials related to the 2019 Philippine elections.

For claims from social media platforms, please put the specific URL of the post containing the claim, and not the URL of the page/timeline/profile of the one who posted it. For example:

  • Facebook:[0]=68.ARB_nxvr4xWAOEHzbFMCx6PT06l1-MZ2tGjxCO-kZuyFD8kRiiFYu31QpXtehKe1Dz26_vomVLh6vU2jPL9ut8Du2B8zqeQXrYxkFikylJnaflJLMbLy-zetpA4UtxdCIKueqVGqVgZ5XswjctNqS6Kt5fUmFyt_Owve4336Q1jJlSE0MSHhVg4I1kaV0DZFnvyGTrIAeo-pKVcwGMYzhYvEnuOKVeoyLeS9btSnyW1lL22AhvBZvKsSQIj_aOqjrHm4YGwp_xAJw1XFTKupEjHUF5ljN9EnlqmJB8_sajL9kczgl_xfIU4RxGAvtrnB6L-GnBdrsjvnw1srUir2nY4qJ3hM&__tn__=-R
  • Twitter:
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